Being Breath

stories from the wilderness of everyday life

July 12, 2016.

Today's walk was a beautiful blend of gorgeous weather, happy children, and colorful nature.

Of course, accessibility to Pokemon Go! didn't hurt the situation.

Thankfully noses weren't buried in phones, and the kids and I continuously noticed small treasures along the way.

A final, steep hill on the trail was a bit steeper ... and more slippery ... than we had expected. I went sliding down, and my daughter came tumbling after. (No crowns were broken, thankfully - just some dirty hands and a good story collected.)

July 7, 2016.

We stayed overnight at an inn at a local park, and woke early to take our walk around the lake.

An added benefit to waking early: We were the first to arrive at the indoor waterpark, and therefore had the entire place to ourselves. There may have been just a little excitement about that.

June 28, 2016.

My son's birthday.

We were headed out of town, leaving quite early for a full-day adventure. I had one shot to get my walk in, or had to skip it for that day. As if that was even a choice...

This walk actually ended up energizing me for the day....and made it possible to keep up with our two children and family at the amusement park.

Happy birthday, kiddo.

June 22, 2016.

My daughter and I were dropped off today, approximately 30 minutes (walking speed) away from our home.

Little did we know that storms were right over the hill.

Many nervous giggles and a few bursts of jogging were definitely involved in this journey. (For those on the edge of your seat, we did make it home before the storms hit.)

June 6, 2016.

The walk that almost was.

It started out beautifully - a nature path, 2 happy children.

Suddenly, less than 10 minutes into our walk, SOMEONE declared that he had to go to the bathroom. (And before someone comments, this wasn't a go-in-the-woods type excursion.)

Nature called us out, then nature called us back in.

We did a 30 minute walk elsewhere that day, but the story from this one is far more interesting.

May 23, 2016.

Today - the 10th anniversary of my father's death.

There is not a lot to say on a day like this.

I was joined by an unexpectedly high number of wildlife today. Deer, bullfrogs loudly proclaiming their presence, and so many turtles that I lost count.

I chose to stop and record the dance of silence and song.


I took more time than usual on walks today. Sometimes, my thoughts were so loud that they provided all of the noise I could stand. 

Other times, there was just


May 15, 2016.

Today's walk was much longer than 30 minutes. In total, it was at least a few hours and easily 10 miles of a step-by-step journey. 

It was a healing walk, or at least an attempt at healing.

The first part took me along a busy highway. I was still in a strongly negative mood from the days before, and while I was cautious, I remained oblivious to caring about any glances from passers-by. 

Later parts took me along less busy roads, and past fields and industrial buildings.

Along the way, I thought ... and forgot my thoughts, over and over. 

4 miles in, I stopped at a Starbucks, then did a return 4 miles back towards home. Not feeling complete with my time away, however, I continued on through our neighborhood and back pathways and hills.

Sometimes, the walks help and heal.

Sometimes, they only provide the time and space for healing to begin.


May 14, 2016.

Today's walk was a quiet one. Reflective.

I had had an extremely difficult day and evening the day before.

And though it was a lovely day on that day ... sometimes, even the most beautiful of days cannot permeate one's mood.

May 8, 2016.

While I enjoy my solitary walks, some of my favorite times have been when friends or family have bravely joined me ... even in not-so-ideal weather. (Today, it was my son ... and my mom!)