Being Breath

stories from the wilderness of everyday life

BeingBreath was created to help those who feel the call to live more creatively and more fully...but who can't or don't want to escape the daily to-do's. There are practices of well-being that don't require living atop a mountain, quitting your job, hours in the gym, or drastically changing your life. In fact, you are living that life right now.

I'm here to help you creatively engage with mundane life

in order to

create the life and world in which you want to live.

It all begins with awareness.


What does this mean?


Well, you know what mundane life is. It's all the stuff that is happening - the big stuff and the little stuff.


Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans. -(John Lennon or Allen Saunders)


Creatively engaging means practicing being aware of it all and choosing how to interact with what's happening, minute to minute. You can play with your thoughts, your words, your outfits. You can co-create your home environment, co-create your work environment, co-create the stories being written as a family. When you engage your life, you take this day's hand and join the dance...whether you are stumbling, tangoing, or doing the chicken dance.

And the life and world in which you want to live? That's another fun part of this. YOU get to decide what that is. Most of us don't think about that very much, outside of perhaps what job we want, in what house we want to live in, what partner we want, and maybe what we want our body to look like.  But EVERY MOMENT is another chance to create a world and a life that is more deliciously diverse than you could possibly imagine. What do you want yours to look and FEEL like?

 Img Credit: Pixabay / Sophkins

Img Credit: Pixabay / Sophkins


How might one go about this?


Here at BeingBreath, we play with perspective and become more creative in our day-to-day doings. 

I offer you inspiration and guidance through my stories, videos, art, and classes. Feel free to explore and connect with me - through Facebook, the newsletter, or via email. 

And if you want to play.... PLEASE, please join us. The world needs more people who are paying attention and exploring their creative selves.

Art + Contemplative Photography


I create art to help you remember your practice and to invite you into deeper contemplation.

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