This isn't exactly what you thought life would be. It isn't bad, really, but there is definitely something more than this.

You feel it - that call to be more, to create. But you are already doing SO much. How can you possibly fit in one more thing?

You could keep living like this, feeling like you are sleep-walking through your days. You could make it to your deathbed having lived a perfectly mediocre life.

But there is another way.

The practices of BeingBreath give you the tools to wake you up to your own life, so that you can feel more at ease and alive today.

We use a lot of self-awareness,

sprinkle it with generous amounts of daily creative expression,

and mix it all with the stuff of everyday life.



The practices of BeingBreath don't ask you to quit your job, leave your kids, or move to a remote hideaway. In fact, they work best when you integrate them with the laundry, the commute, and the conversations.

What you will find here is practical advice woven in with deep wisdom, sometimes colored with a bit of humor, and all designed to be applied to your daily life. 


Ready to dive into the practices of BeingBreath?

Join our community of people doing just that.

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