Being Breath

stories from the wilderness of everyday life

My Mission

BeingBreath was created to help those who feel the call to live more fully...but who can't, or don't want to escape the daily to-do's...or simply aren't sure how.. There are practices of well-being that don't require living atop a mountain, quitting your job, hours in the gym, or drastically changing your life.

My goal is to help you become aware of how GOOD it feels to Be Well, to let go of judgments about your journey, and to inspire you to live the life that you want to live by making choices that increase your well-being.

It all begins with awareness.


I'm fulfilling this mission by offering you inspiration and guidance through my stories, my art, and classes.

Art + Contemplative Photography


I create art to help you remember your practice and to invite you into deeper contemplation.

Please view more about my art HERE

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