Hi. I'm Lisa.


nice to meet you.

I'm an Awareness Artist.

(My own term. Nothing else quite fit.)

I inspire, practice, and teach awareness of well-being in all areas of life - 

Body awareness, thought awareness, creative awareness, environmental awareness, awareness of what we are eating, .... you get the idea.

I also make art to inspire contemplation, awareness, and practices around well-being.  I create pieces that help me feel alive and sell pieces that help others feel alive.

And I practice creative mindfulness in every moment of my life - through the paints or through the dishes, I'm engaging and creating.

That's what an Awareness Artist does:

she experiences life and expresses (through words, dance, a smile, a conversation) what she learns through those experiences.

I'm a mom.


2 kids, endless love. 


I'd rather do "real" than "professional".


I can be quite serious, and look pretty darn good in a suit. But I'm no longer interested in separating my personal and professional lives. What you get through BeingBreath is all of it - stories about mindfulness, creativity, joy and suffering, and how I love my daughter's laugh when my son makes fart noises with his armpit. (But loving the fart noises? Not so much.)

All of this is part of life, and all moments of life help define well-being.

It's time that we acknowledge the beautiful fullness of our beings. As uncomfortable as that may be, "let the discomfort begin with me". (quote by Courtney Martin)

I've studied and practiced in many disciplines.

I used to think I just couldn't stay focused. Now I know that I just had a lot to learn.

A degree in Psychology, minor in Human Sexuality, graduate study in Wellness Education, teacher training in Yoga, online and offline studies in art, spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, and countless hours of awareness and practice in my own life supplement the teachings I offer through BeingBreath.

Anything else that you want to know?

I'm happy to chat.

Just contact me.

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