The BeingBreath Cycle

The practices of BeingBreath give us perspectives on how to engage with everyday life through the cycles of breath.


Self-Awareness :: The Inhale

Creative Expression :: The Exhale

Mindfulness / Non-Judgment :: The Pause


The Inhale

When you inhale, you bring into your self what you need to live. You flood yourself with nourishment. Practices of self-awareness act in this same manner. You allow that energy which is usually directed outward to turn inward, and to flow over and through all parts of yourself. Self-awareness (being aware of one's thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, desires, character, etc) is an essential part of who you are and thus, the world you are creating. Like the inhale, it is what gives you the energy to do what you need and want to do in your daily live fully.

The Exhale

When you exhale, you give back to the world. You share what has been a part of you. Just as exhalation is a natural expression of living, so is creativity. You create your home, your wardrobe, your meals, your phone's home screen... countless creative acts in one day alone. As you pay more attention to these practices, you discover how creative expression can tap into your ever-growing self-awareness. When you create, you begin to do so with awareness and joy, and you begin creating a world in which you want to live. The more you practice, the more free you feel to express yourself - in the most challenging of conversations to the most mundane of activities. 

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The Pause

After each exhale, there is a slight pause before your next breath begins. In this moment, there is stillness. You have taken breath in, lived, exhaled, and let it all go. Now, there is just being. The practices of the pause that hold the space for such expansive existence. When you judge or rush past something with a lack of full attention, you miss the full essence of that experience. Mindfulness and non-judgment allow you to be free from the constrictions of right and wrong, and to see yourself and the world with more loving and empathetic eyes. 


The Full Cycle

Like the breath, these practices aren't linear. They flow over one another, adjusting as your life around you does.

When you run, your breath moves faster. When you sleep, it moves slower. When you move in to smell something, you take an extended inhale. At the end of a long day or a long meeting, you take an extended exhale. When you are stressed, there is very little pause. And so on.

There will be days where practices of creative expression feel nearly impossible. There will be moments where a pause seems as though it will have to wait a few hours...or days. And all too often, self-awareness can seem like a luxury that just isn't possible to indulge in.

Your breath adjusts, but it never stops. As you learn more about self-awareness, creative expression, and mindful non-judgment, you will discover that these practices are always available to you...they never need to stop.

The more you infuse your life with these practices, the more at ease and alive you will feel even in the most mundane of moments.


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