Awareness Artist. Mother. Explorer of real life.

I do my dishes, play with my kids, paint, take photos, meditate, argue, do yoga and walk/runs, cry, sleep, drink a lot of iced chai,  ... struggle and let go.

I am passionate about living an awakened life,

and just as passionate about exploring with you as you do the same.

I teach and offer art as reminders of that practice....things for you to have when you are in the midst of your own mundane muck.

I connect best with those who are willing to say, "I don't know....but let's explore." I don't have a lot of the right answers, but I do have a lot of the right questions.

I've been a lot of places and said a lot of things. Here are some of the more recent things I'm happy to remember and share:

  • (Oct 2014) Featured interview in SPROUT magazine, SAVOR issue, #36. "“I don’t want us to sleepwalk through life, to realize what we missed only at a midlife crisis or on our deathbeds. [. . .] I’m not going to take my own life by choosing numbness. I’m choosing, again and again in every moment, to breathe, to live, and to be mindfully aware.”
  • (2014) Guest posts at BLISS HABITS , including "Magic of the Mundane" series. (Regular posts each Tuesday on varying habits) (Example: "Whatever is happening right now, you have a choice of how you experience it." from Choosing Serenity.
  • (Sept 2014) Holistic Creative Chat with Hali Karla. Discussion about healing, creativity, and mindfulness.
  • (June 2014) Art journaling exploration as part of 21 Secrets Live! through DirtyFootprints Studio. A recorded conversation + creative time with host Connie Hozvicka and co-hosts Hali Karla and myself. 
  • (Sept 2012) Doodles of Inspiration with Aarathi Selvan. "We so often want things to be different than what they are...  Stress and boredom are reactions to this longing and aversion."