Falling Off the Wagon

My schedule has turned into a jumbled mess. Those things to which I committed (blogging, training, uploading photos) all seem to have taken a back seat to....stillness. I had challenged myself to begin and commit to these things. I did. I stopped. The true test of my committment, of whether or not these facets of living have become who I am instead of just something I did, will be how long I stay off the wagon.

We all fall off every once in awhile. Be it a committment to healthy eating or some type of diet, living within our means, going to church, meditating, a yoga practice, a workout routine, reading to our kids, a project at work....life's energies do not stay in one place in one form. Yet it is not the inevitable detours that define our path. Our path can widen to accept, include these detours - yet to truly be a path, we can only veer so far. We must, every day, redefine our path, ask where we are headed and why, and most importantly - be as present as possible to experience each and every step.

Because I have not blogged in 5 days does not mean my committment to this blog does not remain. Since the big walk-to-school day last Wednesday, I have done one day of superset strength training, one day of 20-min. of elliptical, and only one day of running. My eating habits have been less than stellar. Yet this doesn't mean I'm not committed to my health. I have failed to contact many friends, set up many get-togethers. Yet I love each and every one and if thoughts are any indication, they are with me even if not in person.

So here is my re-introduction, my jumping back on the wagon. It is a busy day as we need to run over to IU and I'm starting my preparations for leaving early Friday morning for Bridge Day in West Virginia. Yet I am finding time now and will find time later to update the blog, update my photo site, update my committments. I owe it to you, to myself, to our lives that continue to develop. I know I'll fall off again. And I know, again, I'll get back on.

Won't you join me?

Lisa Wilson2 Comments