Catching Up

What I Did Yesterday:

Nada. Zilch. Zero. At least as far as blogging goes. I was right in the middle of the worst part of the illness - fever & all.

During the day, I was determined not to let it get to me. I figured I could either suffer at home or be out and suffering. My hubby was off work & I really wanted to get out of the house. We went to the local book fair & lunch...but by the afternoon/evening I was exhausted! We came home and did dinner & a movie (Monsters Vs. Aliens) while I cuddled under a blanket. All plans for blogging that evening went out with the tissues.

Today I woke up and could still feel it but was oodles better! So today was a day of gently easing myself back into healthy living. Once again I have so much I want to share!

It seems appropriate to start with the healthy-path /triathlon training update.

I'm quite proud of hubby & myself...we both woke up & worked out first thing this morning! This was the first time we've both attempted to strength train at the same time - thank heavens we know how to share.

What I Did:

(Sat. a.m.) Superset (strength training) (approx. 35 min.)

What I Learned:

* Trying to increase amount of weight used while recovering from being sick, no matter how much my mind craves it, is NOT a good idea.

*I'm noticing an increase in strength which is quite yummy!

*Ok - big admission here. My weight has actually gone UP a few pounds in the last month. This is a true test of my loyalty to my belief that I'd rather be healthy & feel fit then weigh less & be skinny. I know that muscle weighs more which probably accounts for some. I also started medication a couple of months ago that has probably increased my weight some. It is SO SO hard to watch the numbers go up on the scale. But I do feel better...that is what I am trying to focus on. I don't want to be too shallow, but.....*sigh*.

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