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I've come across a few things recently that I'm so tickled to find! I've read countless places that when you see something you love, don't question purchasing it (within reason, of course!). I tend to hold to this tenet when the purchases are a few dollars or less....any more than that & I'm more tempted to think of why I love the item & how I can create it at home.

One treasure I discovered at a local antiques store a few weeks ago:

This is a date stamp that runs from the years 1972 - 1977 -- the last being the year I was born. I haven't even used it yet...I just love looking at it! I'm excited to use it in some work soon. (I love stamps because they can be used & reused ... I don't feel anxious about making the one piece perfect.)

On that last note....

My favorite find yesterday at the Red Cross Book Fair was discovered during a last minute run through their clearance section. I have long admired the collage work others have done with aged book pages, particularly those printed in French. However, the thought of tearing apart a book - any book, but particularly an old one - tears at my heart!! I think I found an opening, though...

This stunning book was $ .50! I love just holding it in my hands, the smell, the texture. It is missing its cover & is quite worn as you can tell from the photos. And it is in French! (I'm kind of impressed with the little bit that I can still understand.) If I recall, the publication date is around 1918.
Because of the bright green sticker on the front page that will probably tear it further when I take it off & the condition of the book, I THINK I'm going to attempt my first collaging with aged papers using this book. I'm SO excited to discover the results but still anxious about tearing out that first page!

Anyone else who uses old books run into this fear?

For a little more fun, here's an art journal page I made a few weeks ago with a printed photo, aging ink, stamps, paint, gesso, & mod podge. (I'm still learning how to photograph doesn't quite capture the actual page.)

Anyone else done any fall works yet?

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