Warming Up!

Quick note this morning - I'm so pumped!

It is quite chilly outside (see-your-breath kind of chilly). I'm still achy from strength training & still full of sniffles. And yet..

I warmed up for 90 seconds, ran for 3 minutes, walked for 60 seconds (up a large hill), and then RAN THE REST OF THE 25 MINUTES! And STILL made it back in time to meet Chris & the kids at the bus stop! (Running towards my son who was waiting with open arms was an awesome way to finish...) I'm SO HAPPY! I don't know the exact distance but it was close to 2 1/4 miles. (Triathlon will be 3.1 miles.)

This has been a goal for awhile (being able to run the whole time...I'm totally ok with not making it up that first hill. Hey - I need another goal to reach!).

You know what I did - here's what I learned:

* Cold weather bites the lungs. It was really rough those first few minutes as I was trying to run up the hills out of our neighborhood while fighting those stabs every time I took in a breath. I'm sure this is another area in which people train & one I'll get used to.

* I LOVE YOGA. I am so glad I trained/am training in it. Besides the body awareness it offers me, I'm also aware (at least more than I would be otherwise) of my thoughts. (See next note). The body awareness makes a huge difference. Something as simple as pulling in my core muscles when I noticed I've let them go or focusing on putting my heel down first and letting it "pull" me along can get me several extra minutes of run time before I feel sluggish again. Being aware of the intricacies of my body gives me ample ways to adjust my workout.

* THOUGHTS MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. This is true throughout life but ever so evident in running. If I start thinking about how tired I am or how much farther I have to go or how cold it is or how this or that hurts...I know that it is only a few minutes before I give in and walk. If I'm thinking about the beautiful fog settling over the fields or the inspiring music or the fact that I'm DOING it or adjusting my technique...I end up running for 25 minutes. :) This could be a whole blog on itself (and maybe will be soon).

* I am a unique person and I love that about myself. I used my IPOD this morning. Try to picture this: I'm running & admiring the beautiful, tall plants tickling my legs as I brush past, the stunning fog drifting over the fields, drink in the sun when I turn a corner and it seems to carry me over the next hill, smile at the cute billy goats who are mildly standing by watching me run past...all while listening to, "Blue Monday by Orgy, Closer by NIN, Dr. Feelgood by Motley Crue, The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson, Nobodys Listening & Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park, Twisted Transistor by Korn, Wind it Up by Gwen Stefani, Whatever by Godsmack, and Toxic by Britney Spears" (the second part of a random playlist I put together about a year ago). I must say I know of no one else who could honestly share that last paragraph about themselves. And I love that I feel comfortable sharing that. :)

* I will always be a girly girl at heart. There was a final hill to conquer before a nice downhill sprint towards my son waiting at his bus stop. I wasn't sure if I could make it. Wind It Up (Gwen Stefani) was on and amidst a fun beat were the lyrics, " come on girl you know you own it you know your key is still tick tockin' you know they're watchin' ..." Heh heh....I blasted up that hill with a smile on my face. I may be a 30-something mommy on the outside but my college-girl-dance-floor-lovin' self still sings on inside. :)

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