Why Get Out Of Bed?

Last night I thought I'd try a little YogiTea - "Meditative Time" before bed. I'd swear it is still with me.

While I still had a bit of trouble falling asleep, I didn't once venture out of dreamland last night once I finally made it there. This morning it was SO hard to get out of bed. Probably due also in part to the rainy day, I've been dragging aaaalllll day.

I often wonder - what is it that gets people out of bed in the morning? A sense of obligation or desire? I'd guess 90% of the population would answer the former (gotta get to work or do this or that).

My goal is to make my life morning after morning of waking and gently rising out of passionate desire (even if I do still hit the snooze button a few times). I may still have things I "have" to do, but it will be my attitude that determines the reason for waking. (Kind of like waking up while on vacation - its generally way more enjoyable than a typical Monday.)

On a different note, it was quite an out-of-the-ordinary day. Chris had the day off so we ended up picking up Tyler from school & heading straight to a movie (Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs...I would definitely recommend it). Home for dinner (just soup...we had enough popcorn at the movie!), baths, and bed. It is now 7:30 pm and that tea is softly calling my name again...I must be sleep deprived.

(I guess I'll find out -- Dilana & I started as participants in a research study this morning where we are both wearing Actiwatches, which measure our activity & sleep. This is a fairly involved study where we'll be wearing these for a week...then taking part two more times over the next year. Gotta love science!)

Jumpy jumpy on the topics: Lots of creative ideas swirling around as I already think about Christmas & giving. I'll have to blog on this later, but my creative boom is definitely getting me more in a mood for the holidays this year...and thinking I might start giving before - & keep giving - after!!

So...final thoughts before I drown myself in nappy-time tea:

What I Did:
(Tues a.m.) 20 min. on the elliptical (fairly high intensity)

What I Learned:
*I slept in thinking I'd skip working out this morning (see above for lingering tea effects). BUT My body & mind really craves it too much now to let it go. It was too dark (& rainy) to attempt cycling before our IU researcher's visit at 9:30 so I'd already talked myself out of that...but I simply couldn't skip doing something. So at the last minute I broke into a fervent cardio workout...then paid for it by running around trying to get the house ready after. I REALLY hope that that natural craving doesn't go away....it's kind of like my body is its own trainer now!!

*Chris is starting to kick my butt in this whole thing. He went - rain & all - during our IU appointment to Clear Creek trail & walked/ran (30 minutes). YEA hubby!

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