Our First Event - a 5K!

I've been completely neglectful about updating on my working out/triathlon training schedule but never fear - I haven't stopped!

First and foremost: This weekend, hubby and I officially committed (i.e. dropped the moola for) our first ever "event" - a 5K to be held this upcoming Saturday (7th) in lovely Bloomington, IN! We both signed up for the run, but it is also a walk/run event so no pressures in case we stumble over ourselves. It is THRILLING to be thinking about this. Part of me now considers 3.1 miles to be minimal (already striving for that half marathon), but the other part of me recognizes that probably 3 months ago I would have NEVER thought I could complete such an event.

Needless to say, that has been quite a motivator. So, thankfully, has my hubby. He has remained more committed to this path than I ever thought possible and challenges me to do the same.

I can't remember all that I've done since I last recorded events, but here's an attempt (if only for my own record keeping!):

What I Did:

(Tues a.m.) 5 mile leisure bike ride (with a friend, trying out pulling a trailer with Dilana in it)
(Wed a.m.) 20 minutes swimming (forgot my socks so no running!)
(Thurs) (I forget!)
(Fri a.m.) 20 minutes swimming + 32 minutes running on treadmill
(Sat a.m.) 36 minutes running (my first full run for 3 miles! level ground)
(Sun a.m.) light bit of yoga and rest
(Mon a.m.) 30 minutes running (including 2 minutes walking - went on nasty hills through our neighborhood)

What I Learned:

* I could very easily fall in love with biking. Going out with my friend/neighbor was my first attempt riding the bike "just for fun". It was challenging learning how to pull the trailer but easier than I thought it would be! It was so fun to just ride without thinking of how fast I was going.

* When packing for the YMCA, remember socks. Very important.

* I have a long way to go in order to be prepared for the triathlon. It truly is encouraging to KNOW that I will make it there. The swimming / running combo (even with break in between to change) totally drained Chris and I for the day.

* I got totally discouraged on Wednesday after swimming. For the first time, the thought "maybe I can't do this" popped into my head. Seriously, I couldn't (and still can't) swim one full lap (one end of the pool to the next and then back again) freestyle. But when we went back on Friday, hubby and I just got right back in and tried again. I have bumped up my research on swimming techniques and plan to up my upper body strength training. I'm not sure where my weaknesses are and how to fix them, but I am determined to find out. I will get back into the pool again and again until I have this figured out. Then - open water.

It's like the song we sing with the kids when trying to clean up, "Step-by-step, piece-by-piece, bit-by-bit, we get the job done."

* I can totally run for 3.1 miles on level ground! Whoo hoo!

* I can totally not run for 3.1 miles on massive hills. I figured I'm at a pace of around 12-minutes / mile on level ground (not a great pace but at least I know where I'm starting...) and was aiming for that in our neighborhood. I had estimated my distance throughout the run, but decided to make my halfway mark at 16 minutes instead of 20. So I ran/walked for 32 minutes...and when calculating the mileage, found out I only did around 2.6 miles. Heck, I'm just proud I didn't toss my breakfast into someone's yard.

* This is becoming who I am. Only a few short months ago, I would swear up and down that I wasn't a runner. A triathlon??? Great for ya', but not my thing. One little decision to try - just try - and suddenly I'm complaining that I could only run for 2.6 miles.

Yesterday evening (Sunday), I had made up my mind that I was going to run before an 8:30 a.m. meeting with the principal at my son's school. (PTO stuff - not kid troubles, thankfully) Originally I was totally pumped to run to the school and have hubby pick me up after the meeting. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out a way where I wouldn't totally offend the principal with my I-just-ran Stink and how to carry the papers & deodorant I needed with me. But NO EXCUSES - I just got up at 6:30 and ran through the neighborhood. (We'd also planned to go to the YMCA for swimming after, but hubby volunteered to take care of the lawn...of which he did nearly 3 hours of using the leaf-blower today. Who am I to turn him down when he wants to do chores??)

I did it. I may not run the whole 5K this weekend if the hills are as massive as around here. I may not figure out the whole breathing / freestyle thing as quickly as I'd like. But I'm doing it, I am becoming the person who RUNS, BIKES, and (almost) swims. Together we are setting a great example for the kids.

Step-by-step, piece-by-piece, bit-by-bit, we'll get the job done.

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