Ways of Being

I have long believed that we are all everyone else. You are a mother, a father, a child. You are an artist, a triathlete, a CEO, a success. You are a murderer, a lier, a cheater, a failure. You are these things because the seed of being each of these lies within you, whether or not you have made decisions that fully brought you into these roles.

I am willing to admit that you may not actively be a murderer (ok, I really hope not) - but just try and overlook the potential vs. actual for a moment. Imagine with me that because you have the capability to be any of these things, you are. What does that do to your sense of self? (If you think that you couldn't possibly be a certain label, play a certain role, I challenge you to think of a situation in which you could. I bet you can think of at least one.)

Because we often get stuck in our worldviews (i.e. how we view our world, framing every decision we make, determining how we handle ourselves and others), trying on someone else's can be a deep learning experience. I'm sure you've heard the countless methods suggesting just being something to become it, just thinking something is so and it will be. There are truths behind these methods.

Why not take the fear out of it, though, and play? Play with being. You can be this way on your own, around others (make it a priority first to avoid harming, though)...for a minute or a day. Then just go back to being who you were. Notice how you felt being that way. Realize that during that time, you were that person. Take a minute to let it sink in that you can be that person again...or anyone else you choose. Pick a role. Play. Be aware. Be.

Be brave.

Be a goddess / god.

Be a CEO.

Be an artist.

Be lazy.



Lisa WilsonComment