Block Knockers

Note: I've read the intentions of many bloggers who aim to keep their blog positive, joyful. They know there is so much negativity in the world that they try to keep at least their little blog corner a source of positivity. I truly admire that. That intention, however, is not my own. I aim to be as honest as I can (without getting too personal) in this blog. I KNOW that there are others out there going through the same stuggles that I am. My hope is that by sharing this, those persons may not feel so alone...and that, together, we can learn to realize these struggles are part of the beauty of the whole. Without them, the successes have no meaning. So - if you are looking for a positive may want to check back on a different day.

Ever experienced one of those events that just knocks you right off your block? It can be a great morning, or a great day, or a great week...but one li'l event later and you feel deflated.

As you can probably guess, I had one of those today. I won't go into details suffice to say that it was a financial punch and one that will continue to effect our family for at least the next year. We'll be ok - and I almost feel guilty for feeling so deflated. There are individuals and families who get by on far less than we do and I am constantly thankful for our blessings. Yet the *oomph* remains.

As it usually is with financial concerns, I can't do anything to pick myself back up. Creative endeavors, deep breathing, playing with the kids...for whatever reason, my smile seems to not fit on my face.

Yet, I know this too shall pass. I know (deep down) that this is such a small event, no where near a catastrophe, something that is indeed a lesson and thus, a gift.

I find in these situations that it is a true test of how deep the lessons I've studied have permeated my being. Kind of like the idea I mentioned before...I've lifted weights and am now testing my strength outside of the weight room. I embrace creativity, yogic ideals, mindfulness, and so many other beneficial practices. During my good times they are easy to follow. It is during the rocky times that for me (and I'd guess most others), I get to see how well I walk the walk.

So, I take a deep breath. I've been doing mindless work entering forms (i.e. accomplishing something - helps the spirit a bit!) while the kids watch a movie. I don't feel guilty.

I'm doing what I can to pick myself back up, to get back in tune with that beautiful song I know is still playing within me and all around me.

We've all been (and will continue to be) knocked off our block, shaken up and stirred. As others have claimed it's not whether or not it happens, it's how quickly we pick ourselves back up and the lessons we take with us from the fall that matters.

So hum a little with me, won't you? Let's keep singing together until this beautiful melody we call life gets stuck in our heads forever.

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