From the mouth of babes.

In the midst of all of the Thanksgiving preparations (and race prep, etc) going on, I almost forgot to blog! Thanks to a conversation with a good friend I can keep the promise to blog every weekday. :)

Today is a day for laughs, and where better to turn for humor than a child?

(For those who visited my blog , this better belongs there. But I haven't had time to keep up with it, so enjoy it here!!)

We decorated our daughter's room with those fun stick-on things you can put on the wall (that are repositionable - so much fun!). Above her changing table, we have the phrase:

(Change is good. Oh yeah, we do have a sense of humor.)

Well since she could talk we've been working with her on the phrases and letters around her room. Our routine was always to say, "Change Is...." To which she'd reply, "GOOD!". It's a fun game.

A few weeks ago I was up changing her diaper (yeah, the whole potty training thing isn't working so well). I pointed up to the letters and said, "Change...."

to which she replied,


Gotta love her.

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