How Not To Respond

While packing I noticed it was strangely quiet around the house.

Me: "Dilana?"

Dilana: "I'm not doing anything!"

Me: "Dilana...."

Dilana: "I'm not in the bathroom!!"


Dilana: "I don't have the toothpaste!"

Me: "Dilana, come here."

Dilana: "....I'm not doing anything!"


On another note, the anxiety has started for tomorrow's race (to be followed by ample food and family frivolity). The excitement is a bit dilluted, however, because I just know we'll be overwhelmed by 8000+ runner/walkers, temps in the 30's, and rain or snow. It may not be about the running...rather, just making it through the morning.

I hope to add another post tonight, but if not...I'll definitely update tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve.

Lisa Wilson2 Comments