Creative Dining

Christmas cards have been mailed! (Ok, I still have a few more...) It is amazing the load that takes off my mind...yet the creative-outlet hole that is left is fairly big.

We've been sprinkling a bit of creativity here and there, just enough to keep the energy flowing until I move into bigger projects.

We followed a wonderful project suggested at Maya*Made using tp rolls (ya know, those leftover rolls that fill up the recycling bin? It's way more fun to give them a second life.) She is amazingly creative...and while ours didn't exactly measure up, it was tons of fun to make it. Instead of a gift card holder, we made a little purse for Dilana.

I think next time we'll gesso or paint it first. I love the rough-look but it still looks a bit "tp-roll" to me. Maybe add the sewing too?

We also had a great Tyler-night-only tonight (he's been asking frequently for time with mommy & daddy alone. I feel honored he's missing us). He spontaneously made his own art at dinner:

(It's ok - I'd almost rather him play with his french fries than eat them. He'd already finished the healthy stuff!)

I'm excited to use the next week to delve into a few more projects: art journaling, pulling my sewing machine back out, finally using those pastels I bought ages ago.

On a side note, I'm feeling a bit down about my lack of discipline in training. The sudden cold weather & Chris back to his regular schedule means limited time outside (too cold to take Dilana out anymore) thus more time at the Y -- and I REEEAALLY don't like running on the indoor track & treadmill. So many excuses.

But I'm staying positive -- Sure hope I can sleep with all of these creative/mini- / tri-training/philosophical/nutty ideas swirling around!

(Still love to know what you think of the new design...!)

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