Just Another Day.

I sit here in front of my laptop screen not at all sure what I want to write. My mind is deflated.

I choose to honor my committment to blog and know I have several beautiful thoughts in there, but I need to let them simmer some more or they won't taste quite right.

So for now, just a quick recap on my day -- a day for a runner/triathlete in training, yogini who all too often neglects her practice, artist who is still finding her voice, mommy who recognizes the value in silence and letting go of plans, and a wife who is thankful for her hubby.

I am currently following a training plan for the mini marathon, set up by Michael (remember - Kearns Chiropractic?) :). I'm only on day 2 of the plan, but today was a cross-train day...so I hit the pool again. Frustration is sitting in because I am realizing how LOW my endurance is.

So after arriving home, hubby, Dilana and I went to Borders to find a few books on nutrition - the thought being is that I / we can train as much as we want, but if what is going in isn't supporting the energy that needs to go out, nothin' is going to happen. Being a vegetarian (a poor one, I must admit - but I've survived doing so for over two years now), I am not really sure how to balance proper eating with the new amount of energy I need to focus. We found one that looks great - Nancy Clark's Food Guide For Marathoners. (I also caved and picked up Zen and the Art of Running: The Path To Making Peace With Your Pace by Larry Shapiro. I know the use of Zen is far too trendy, but I'm sadly hooked...and am realizing how much I need to get my mind in shape if I'm going to do 13.1 miles without headphones. I also had Borders Reward Bucks to use!)

The rest of the day was focused on Christmas cards (getting family photo printed out, playing with stamps, embossing, etc.) and researching a Xyron machine.

By the way - anyone have the Xyron Creatopia? I'd love to know your thoughts...I can't justify the money yet but am so intrigued.

Now, my brain is mush. So much creative output, so much mothering, so much thinking about gifts for the kids & where life is going after all of this holiday stuff....

Awaiting possible snow tomorrow, not quite sure how I'm going to get the 3.5 mile run in that is on my training log, fighting the urge to move into hibernation.

Still smilin'.

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