Cards & More To-Comes!

What a weekend.

Nothing stunning from the outside, but boy-oh-boy are there some inner changes going on.

Because there is so much I'll need to make several posts (and share several photos!). I hope in the midst of finishing Christmas cards, dealing with my daughter's ever-growing interest in climbing on very tall furniture, allowing the kids to explore our first snow-fall of the year sans snow gear once my son gets home from school (still not sure how that will work), and re-starting laundry that I was just caught up on a few short days ago....

...that I get to share the multitude of blessings I've been given over the past few days.

For now, I am desperate to get these cards finished.

(Spoiler alert: Some of you will be getting one of now you'll know what's coming!)

Each one, unique. Each one a labor of love. I have enjoyed every minute of making them. Some I'm not so happy with (but know that may just be my perfectionism coming through), some I love. Each outside is an experiment with a different craft (stamping, embossing, using the cricut and/or xyron, etc.).
The inside was an experiment itself: Figuring out how to adhere vellum without glue marks. (Xyron to the rescue!) (I used a fun metallic marker to make the tree on the card then adhered the vellum over it....I found after the first few that clear vellum on white paper doesn't give much of an effect!)

A few last cards to design, a few more vellum insides to adhere, signatures from each family member, photos to insert, stamps...and off they go. So many lessons learned for next year - so many awesome crafting ideas still left to explore for other cards & projects.

(Then hopefully a li'l more blogging!)

I love this time of year.

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