Please Forgive The Mess...

...While we undergo construction!

Over the next few days, I'm hoping to learn and implement some design (and possibly functional) changes to my blog. If you visit often, you might notice things changing...then maybe changing back.

This is going to be a process of learning how to do something, trying it, and seeing if I like it. I'd love to add pages & more functionality -- but my knowledge of Html is VERY limited and I don't have the $$ to pay someone to do it.

However - that doesn't mean I can't change a few things here and there!

I want to make my blog a warm, inviting, cheery, and thought-provoking web-stop for visitors. I want updates to be immediately visible and the basics (what this blog is about, for example!) to be easily accessible for new visitors. I really want a banner that reflects all of this.

So please forgive the mess. I hope to have something "final" by this weekend (as Christmas cards are almost ready for the mail and I now have juuuust a bit more free time on my hands!). I hope you hang in there with me through it all!

Lisa WilsonComment