Ego Vs. The Kids - Take 2.


I have several blog ideas running around in my head, but have to write a short one right now…if only for my sanity. This one is particularly to get other parents’ responses.

I have a long list of things to accomplish today - one of which is dropping off recycling (that is overflowing our bins) by noon before it closes. Tyler seems to not be sleeping well these past few days because he’s always tired and crabby throughout the day. Today is no exception. I’ve been trying to (hah - Dilana just bit my leg. That’s a new one.)…trying to be there with the kids. (Yes, I note the irony that I’m typing on the computer right now) Tyler has been fighting me every step of the way this morning. While I want to be gentle and responsive and in the moment, I keep finding myself glancing towards the clock and realizing that if we don’t get out of the house soon, I’ll miss recycling (until Friday…yikes).

Not the end of the world and I understand Tyler is more important, but when do I start to work on my schedule instead of his?

I think I just answered my own question. I hate having to learn lessons sometimes. They are painful (literally - Dilana is now pinching me. Time to turn to her.)

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