Losin' It


I’ve really started to realize how much stuff I have in my life that I’ve been hanging onto that no longer serves me. See if any of this sounds familiar.

First, the family went out to a park a week ago and tried to get a family photo. (Try doing that with a 1-year and 4-year old - fun times.) When I got home and looked at the photos, I was astonished to see a body I didn’t even recognize - my own! Now before I get anyone on my case, I’m not saying I’m horribly overweight or am going to become anorexic or anything. However, having said that, I am saddened by what I’ve let myself become. I’ve been holding onto my comfort foods, justifying it by thinking I’m active enough to burn it off. In reality, my yoga keeps me flexible but (the type I’m doing) doesn’t provide the aerobic exercise I need. I’ve been holding onto an image of myself as a “healthy” individual, even though I find myself getting more and more fatigued and my body getting in the way of things I want to do.

So I’m readjusting there. I’m not the type who is good about getting up every morning and working out. I make it to the Y often, but trips are split between cardio and yoga. And I am totally in love with my snooze button. For me, (as I think might be beneficial for many others) I have to make fitness a lifestyle. It has to become who I am. Instead of watching a show with the kids, I get to chase them around the house. Instead of choosing the oh-so-delicious heavy cream pasta whose enjoyment will only last as long as it takes me to eat it, I choose another healthier meal and focus on enjoying the symphony of tastes it provides (I’m totally a parent - thinking of “Ratatouille” here!!). You get the idea. It’s a process but I put this out there in part to encourage others and in part to have friends and family encourage me!

Similarly, we have so much STUFF around the house. (Stuff around the body, stuff around the house, stuff on the mind - it all relates) Stuff that is no longer serving us. We have a lot of baby toys that were great before but now are just clutter. I have ample magazines that I figured I’d sort through at some point to pull out the good articles for further inspiration. Well, I have inspiration everywhere but no room to do anything with it! It goes on and on. Trace it to a fear of getting rid of something that I “might someday use” or over-attachment … regardless, it is time to let go.

Anyone else find themself in this position? In what areas of life could you (honestly) stand to let go? What’s keeping you from doing so? What are the consequences of letting go and losin’ it…or not?

For me, I’m loving the process. One hour I’m back to watching tv with my graham crackers in hand, the next I’m on a cleaning spree and making trips to Goodwill. The latter is happening more and more frequently, though, and that’s what it is all about. So here’s to a little less flab, a little less clutter, a little less stress…. Here’s to losin’ it.

Lisa WilsonComment