Real Joy


There is something, something strong, about being joyful. I’m not talking about walking around with a smile on your face on the time, with rose-colored glasses, thinking everything is just fine. I’m talking about a much deeper way of being. Being peaceful in the face of tragedy, financial stress, relationship troubles, pain in the heart….there is something about that way of being that I am trying to tap into.

One of my beautiful fellow students in my yoga teacher training class once spoke to me about her family and how - even amidst the trials and tribulations of family life - they always have fun. I was deeply inspired by this. I think about all the times I’m at home with the kids getting angered by one more deliberate push between the kids or how off balance I get when a loved one (friend or family) makes a comment that hurts my soul. Each of these situations is just where that person is in their life. Instead of letting my ego get in the way (why can’t I just get my work done?! How can s/he feel that way - doesn’t s/he understand the hate they are spewing?), I’m exploring living with a light heart.

Yup, shit is still going to happen. But being light-hearted and taking things with a smile in my soul will allow me to at least crack a smile as I walk away to get the carpet cleaner because my son just wrote his name in crayon on the living room floor (instead of cursing and yelling at him). This isn’t about being wishy-washy, either. I heard a quote from Elizabeth Lesser today, “A spiritual warrior is someone who feels life deeply”. As I deal with the tragedies - big or little - that face me, I want to feel them. Yet I want to remain with my self, my smile, and feel the flowing river of change washing through me, knowing that “this too shall pass”.

I want to be joyous, peaceful, and REAL. Another quote, from a minister, Ed Bacon, “You cannot do this alone…you cannot be a human being alone”. I want to be emmeshed wish others who also want to be joyous, peaceful, and REAL…and regardless of how close we actually are to doing (being) this in our daily lives, I want to explore and experience together.

Lisa WilsonComment