Where's the Time

Something I thought about today...I believe I give too little attention to the great amount of things that I already do and to who I already am. No wonder I get so stressed when thinking about adding more to my schedule!

There is the drive to "do it all". To be a mother, to be a full-time yoga teacher, to enroll the kids in classes, to bake calorie-free cookies... Yet, why? For whom?

Right now I'm taking a bit of time to reflect on what I already do and how much time it really takes. Driving 20 minutes to and from preschool, the hours per week laundry really takes, how much time picking up after the kids (and my husband!) takes, ... I don't count these things when I look at the calendar to start scheduling my classes.

I'll have to write more on this later. Apparently dealing with the screaming kids takes more time than I thought, too.

Lisa WilsonComment