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Another observation while in the car:

I was waiting at a red light today and noticed two cars pulled off the side of the cross road ahead. Apparently they had just had a fender bender. Both car owners were out of their cars, inspecting the bumpers in what appeared to be a relatively minor incident. As I watched, I could have sworn that while dusting the dirt and grime off of their cars to check for dings, the drivers were sharing a few laughs.

Immediately, I felt a little more light-hearted. How wonderful if indeed both drivers were present enough to not be thinking about the past (I can't believe he wasn't paying attention; if only I'd left a few seconds earlier) or the future (now I'm going to be late; how is this going to effect my insurance?). And even better, to be in the present in a light manner - to realize that what is, is...and to see some possible humor in the situation.

As the light turned green and I drove past, I noticed no smile on the woman's face as she was handing over information to the other driver. Perhaps she'd returned to worry, perhaps the joke was over, perhaps I'd just imagined the previous moment. Regardless, for me the lightness lingers on. Amazing how a smile - imagined or not - can spread.

Lisa WilsonComment