Find the Unicorn...

So many things to share! I think constantly of ideas on which to blog, but, as evidenced by the lack of entries here, only about 1% actually make it to the computer. Here's one that finally got there.

I recently watched a movie with my kids that we rented from the library (free entertainment - YEA!): The Voyage of the Unicorn. One of the catch phrases of the movie was "Credendo Vides" - By believing, one sees. A magical thought for sure. Ironically, this ties into more mainstream ideas upon which I've been reflecting - namely, how our perceptions shape our world.

A quick example: Growing up I was most certainly not the popular child. I would often hear others talking about me behind my back. This grew into a habit of assuming people were always thinking the worst of me. When passing someone in the hallway, I'd "KNOW" they were judging me and always kept my eyes down to avoid the inevitable scowling stare.

Because I believed this, I saw only judgement around me. I felt only judgement from others. Until my more recent years as I started understanding how my views shaped actual experience, I didn't realize that I was making this so. By assuming everyone was judging me and didn't want to be friendly, I acted towards them in a distanced manner (in theory to protect myself). If the other person had no judgments originally, however, my distanced behavior could cause them to act towards me in an unfriendly manner...thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Today it is fun to take this idea much deeper. What if what we believe truly is what we see? If we believe the world is a beautiful place, despite all of the suffering and hate, we see the caring innocent nature of every human being we encounter (even though sometimes it may be hidden behind layers of fear and defenses). On the other hand, if we believe humans are ultimately selfish, uncaring creatures out for physical survival...well, it isn't a pretty picture.

Today, just for fun, try to believe in the good. Regardless of what you do, who you encounter, believe that is is all ultimately beautiful and that each person is ultimately desiring the same happiness you are. Who knows what could happen? If truly what we believe is what we see (and we act based on what we see)...imagine what life could become. And who knows - perhaps one of us will run across that elusive unicorn.

Lisa WilsonComment