Back to the Basics

Ah, the cycles of life. On Facebook, off Facebook. Blog a lot, blog a little. So it goes. Instead of fighting against it, or apologizing for it (which I still tend to do), I'm trying to accept that sometimes my days will focus a great deal on parks with the kids, other days will involve long hours on projects around the house, and still others will find me in front of the computer screen. Life changes, as do my priorities. As my son gets ready to start Kindergarten, I'm trying to tie up my lifejacket and ready myself for the inevitable waves that are going to rock my boat.

As you'll notice, I've gone back to a more plain format for the blog. Inspired by a recent discovery of Somerset Studio books, I am on a very crafty kick. I've started sewing (can you believe it?) and am fascinated by mixed-media art. I'm still keeping my yoga on and off the mat going - I'm honoring the form it is taking. I'm playing with the incorporation of my body, yogic ideals, art, mothering, daily name it, I believe I can find ways to allow the river of passion to flow through it all.

Along with this, I plan to bring some photos to this blog to provide both a more artful blogging experience and to share some of the "offline" stuff with you.

For now, dinner calls.

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