A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That.

I love being inspired.

I love that those "ah hah" moments where seemingly random ventures from my life just seem to tie together.

I love life.

I am accepting that there is no one path for me. Yoga is a blissful way to harmonize many of the concepts I love and I am teaching, and still plan to teach it in the future both on and off the mat. Yet teaching yoga alone does not incorporate all of "me", all of what I want to share with the world.

I love playing, dipping my toes in different pools, tossing in a heavy sprinkle of "what ifs" to whatever is on the stove. I am tickled that I am realizing (in bits and pieces) that life really can be an ongoing exploration...indeed, perhaps that is what we should strive for!

Another day, another venture: While researching Ayurveda for someone with whom I am working, cleaning up the painting splatters my son made while painting a model airplane, assisting my daughter with some more "yummies" (i.e. gummies), switching laundry, making an appointment with the doctor, and moving some more furniture back into the house on the newly-done floors (because of which my hands and back are hating me right now), I finished up this little piece of inspiration:

(Embroidery on purchased handmade paper. Someday I may make the paper, too. For now, the hours of emroidery is enough!) I may add more to it, I may hang it with some ribbon, I may just give it away to someone who needs reminded of this as well.

Regardless, I am inspired. I am running with this. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.
P.S. Amidst all of the newly found inspiration and energy (wish I could keep this going!), I started a new blog: http://DayOfAwesomeness.blogspot.com . This blog will keep track of the goings-on of the kiddos and will hopefully keep track of all of those cute moments I would otherwise forget.

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