Creativity Wellsprings

There is truly a downside to creative energy. It is a darn hard thing to shut off. I was up well past 1:30 a.m. last night thinking of and recording new mixed-media projects. I'd shut off the light with full intentions to fall asleep and *BAM* another idea would pop into my head that I simply couldn't ignore. Poor hubby probably got so sick of the *click*, (scribble, scribble), "Last time, I promise, I'm sorry", *click*.........*click*.

Regardless, I'm loving this tidal wave of creative flow. As you may or may not have noticed, I've created a few other blogs that are recording things that I feel deserved there own space. I'd love to give my "craft" projects their own blog, but they'll wind up here for now. ("Crafting" is beautiful, yes, but has such a country-, hobbyish-, sold-in-a-cluttered-store-with-a-very-strong-candle-scent- type feel. I'm all about that from time to time, but feel much more energized and free to explore projects when I say I'm "creating". Just to clear that up. In case you care.)

Today's project? (I did get a few loads of laundry done, the kids fed and entertained, dishes done, and all of my creative materials moved upstairs out of the utilities room so I could organize them...but beyond that...)

I finally got around to making that pillow with a button that I've been meaning to attempt. This is only my third pillow (and thus, my third attempt at cutting & using the sewing machine). But it was loads of fun.

I got inspired by some fabric I found during a trip with my mother-in-law. A few incorrect cuts meant I had to keep adjusting the size of the pillow. (That's the fun of creating, though - there are no mistakes.)

I had planned to go to the store to find a color of fabric for the last square on the pillow, but remembered a tip I'd just read: tea-staining! So I grabbed some leftover cotton swatch I had from years ago and attempted my first tea-stained fabric (and embroidery thread). The top is the "before", the bottom piece is the "after" (still drying). I love the results! (Thanks to my son for his help.) And I must say, the kitchen smelled yummy after we were done.

A little bit of embroidery (a simple running stitch to look intentionally handmade) and I was ready to sew. (The Raggedy Ann doll is a new favorite of my daughters - a gift from her grandma.)

I won't go into detail on the rest, save to say that I made several adjustments along the way. I'm still not happy that I haven't figured out the slipstitch to close the pillow, but am otherwise happy with the results. And now we have another throw pillow! Best of all, I have another source of inspiration...and accomplishment...that I can snuggle up to any day.

Now if only it could help me sleep....

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