A Job Like None Other.

Take an imagination trip with me for a moment, if you will. Imagine a job you've dreamt about for quite some time but weren't sure if you were ready. Could you afford it? Is it really all you imagined?

You decide to go for it. You try, you pursue, you succeed! The first few weeks have a steep learning curve. No room for errors. You have doubts but you persist. There's no turning back now.

The job requires long hours - more than you could have known. You fall asleep dreaming about your tasks the next day, constantly put in overtime when unexpected needs arise, cradle your cell phone next to you even when you are away in the chance that you are needed. You don't get any positive feedback - sometimes it seems no one notices all of the work that you are doing. You have to be creative...the job is demanding and the training period was mysteriously absent. You have to think on your feet.

Some days, it's all you can do just to get by. Whether or not you are succeeding at this job simply doesn't matter. It's whether you can find your bed at night knowing you didn't kill anyone along the way. Other days, it is more blissful than words could describe. Things flow, you are noticed, you receive job-related benefits that no other job could offer. You sleep and wake with joy in your heart.

Each day a new challenge. Another opportunity to just coast by and pray things don't fall apart ....or another reason to recognize all you have, how fortunate you are to have gotten this job, how important each moment is to your and the company's success and - most importantly - happiness.

It is the job that, once taken, never ends. It is more than a job, more than a role, it is an integrative part of who you are. It is the perfect job during which we can examine life, ourselves, and to learn how to do more than just what is necessary to survive.

Welcome to parenthood.

Lisa WilsonComment