The Small Things

I've noticed recently how the small gestures, the small minutes of kindness can make all of the difference.

A few weeks ago I had a run-in with our local Toyota dealership. I had to meet my husband over there to sort out some issues that have been going on for over a year. Upon leaving, I felt so angry, so dirty (in regards to the schmoozy way I was treated) that I angrily drove home and had to "work it out" over 20 minutes on the elliptical (at least I gravitated towards a healthy way to let it out, no?!). I was furious!

I had to go back a few days ago to have the part that had been ordered installed in the Toyota. I ran into the same gentleman who had so infuriated me the other day. While he still seemed in "show mode", he stopped after taking my key to get the car and said, "I am sorry for all of the frustrations - thank you for being so nice about it all." I don't know if he meant what he said, but suddenly, I wasn't (as) angry anymore. I didn't like the way I was treated, but I lost all aggressiveness towards this person. A few words and my soul was more at peace.

On a related stress-note, my son starts kindergarten on Wednesday. (More on that anxiety in another blog.) I've been nervous about his soon-to-be school as, based off statistics (on the government education website) from the past few years and our recent visit, the school seems a lot more disorganized and not at the level I'd like. (I feel horrible even saying that!) Regardless, after two lotteries, he won the ability to enroll in a full-day kindergarten (for which we are paying additional).

Today, I received a message on our home phone from his soon-to-be teacher. She invited us to the school tomorrow to meet her, see the classroom, etc. I was thrilled. The one minute it took her to make that phone call has renewed my sense of enthusiasm for the year.

These are just a few personal examples of how small things can make a difference. I'm always looking for inspiration (in hopes that I can keep motivated to find and shine my kindness!)...and have found plenty across the web. (I've blogged more about that in my other blog, .)

Take just a minute today to share a nice thought with someone, smile when you aren't, or make that phone don't know how big of a difference it could make.

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