Back to the Basics

Ok, I apologize for the design changes over the past few months. I've been viewing a lot of blogs trying to decide what works. It seems, as with most things in life, simpler is better. I like being able to focus on the words & photos instead of the background.

So, back to white. I'll probably be playing with the banner (as I'm not quite happy with it yet), but hopefully the design of the blog should remain close to as-is.

On a related note, I've been wondering about the appropriate blog ratio. That is, is it better to blog frequently even if each post isn't the most thrilling or is it better to blog infrequently with more deep & insightful posts?

The pressure is quite great with the infrequent blogs. It seems the longer I wait, the more pressure I feel to come up with some life-shattering words of wisdom....something that explains my long absence, something brilliant that I discovered in my time of reflection.

I also noticed that those who tend to blog frequently (see my list of blogs I like to visit) tend to have something insightful to add each post! Perhaps it is the discipline that drives the energy which creates positive messages to be shared.

So -- here is my intent: to blog each weekday for at least the month of September. YIKES! I really don't know who is actually reading this blog, but if you are - please keep me accountable. This is a scary committment to make, but hopefully it will help with some form of discipline in my life.

I can't promise earth-shaking, deeply inspiring posts...but sometimes the best thing to do is just to show up.

Au revoir - see you tomorrow.

Lisa Wilson2 Comments