Don't Should It, Just Do It.

Quick post this morning. I have "shoulds" wrapped all around me and I love to feel the breeze of freedom when I can drop them for a moment.

I should workout at a designated, routine time in order to maintain discipline. I slept in a bit. Ooops. So I threw on my tennies and, while walking my son down to the bus stop, did one set of lunges up hill, one set of lunges at the bus stop (which intrigued the other kindergartener waiting there), and one set of lunges back down the hill. One part of workout - check.

I should be running, swimming, or biking in order to train for the triathlon. I got home and jumped on the eliptical. Part psychological avoidance of running, part logistics (haven't put the jogging stroller together), part health-awareness (I'm still nursing the sore ankle)...I chose to do my workout this morning focused on endurance. Thirty minutes strong of working out. An accomplishment no matter how you look at it.

I should do weights prior to cardio for the most effective workout possible. Music is such a motivator for me. Push by Madonna got me through my 16min slump that I almost always inevitably hit. When I reached 30 minutes, Fighter by Christina Aguilera popped up on my playlist. I decided to do about 5 minutes of weight training for upper body. I got weights in, regardless of when it happened.

No more monkeys jumping on the bed! Generally I don't allow jumping on the bed. But Dilana had so much energy this morning while I was working out that she was letting it out by bouncing around on the futon while the music pumped. She was cute. She didn't fall. All is good.

I'm off to a creative day - cleaning and organizing creatively & completing my gift. I can't wait to post some pictures of the endeavors! I'll post more soon....

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