Gettin' CreeeYative.

Ah, the blissful creative energy is back! After this morning's blog (on my workout) I ran smack dab into a wall. (Not literally. That would hurt.)

I checked our bank account and got depressed. If I had to guess I'm not alone in this, but there is nothing like financial stress to drain me of all positive energy.

Fortunately, life goes on. The day's activities continued and I found myself taking a couple of steps towards completing the gift I mentioned. Lo and behold, I finished! Not only that, but I got a couple of thank you cards done as well. Whee!

The gift is a small birthday book with a few facts about the giftees birth year and some updates of the kids throughout the years on the giftees birth month. (It's a grandma gift - I know grandparents love photos of the kids just as much as I do!)

I loved the process of creating each page and the binding. I used a paper bag to cover the chipboard covers, (first having embroidered on the paper...I love the textural feel of that!), the computer to print quotes & some dates throughout, printed photos on vanilla paper instead of photo paper (to give a more aged feel instead of the glossy look), tons of stamps & distressing materials (ink & distressing edger) on the scrapbooking paper throughout, and my new tool....the Crop-A-Dile Big Bite! (Fun name, eh?) For those not into crafting, it is kind of like a binding cuts holes, puts in eyelets, etc.

Here are a few photos of the finished product:

And as I get time to write/create them, I love the gratitude expressed by a beautiful thank you card. I finally decided to try one with ribbon that you have to untie to open the card - kind of like a gift in itself!

I wish I could send one of these to each of you lovely readers. Your recent comments & encouragement for this blog truly brings a smile to my face! It is a motivator to keep going. (Honestly. I knew that if I didn't workout this morning I wouldn't have something to post...and would either have to come up with an excuse or deal with the consequences - & I can't lie to you beautiful people!)
I'm off to turn down the dial a bit in hopes I can find dreamland before midnight tonight. Until tomorrow....

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