It's All About The Energy, Baby!!

The last post explains so much of why I'm flyin' high right now. I've allowed myself to float back down to the ground and am now just hovering. I will be ok if I don't win tomorrow morning - honestly. (Ok, I'll be a little disappointed...I can't help but keep picturing myself on the beach, chatting it up with Dave Matthews. *Sigh*) As with everything else, this process has been a stunning way to live - regardless of the outcome!

I LOVE the energy I've been feeling today. I am so thankful for all of my friends & family on Facebook who have been sending positive vibes & good luck wishes my way! And let me tell you - I'm feeling it. On top of my own anxiety I can feel the additional vibes pulsating all around me. Lest I get to new-agey allow me to phrase this that I can feel the love, man.

The day certainly didn't start out this way. Ok, I'm going to admit it: As far as workout out/training, I've done Nothing today. Nada. Zilch. Zero. And it doesn't feel good. I'm planning on taking some time after the kids go to bed tonight to do a blissful, relaxing, grounding yoga practice. (I'm going to need it to fall asleep!) That will have the added benefit of stretching me out. I'm planning on trying to run tomorrow morning...and while I'll get my shoes on & get out of the house, it's my body that will determine how far & fast I go. Here's hoping my joints are as ready for this as my mind is!

The fun thing about energy is that it doesn't have just one form. It permeates everything. I've been riding the energetic waves by cleaning the back deck, picking up around the house, journaling, & even creating with my art supplies - yea!! (I had to throw a nap in there - I got so excited after the call this morning that it was like having 5 cups of chai all in a row. My body had to crash at some point.)

I'm trying to let the results of tomorrow's drawing be on my mind but let go of the results. Again the lessons pass beyond the contest. I've finally let myself work with a beautiful magazine photo I've had hanging on my fridge for quite sometime. The photo speaks to me for whatever reason and while I've known I want to hang onto it, I've not known what to do with it. I've also had a journal I bought that I love (so many colors!) but also not known where to start.

So this afternoon, I pulled the magazine page off the fridge and popped open the journal. What better way to start this journal than with an image that I love?! I just used Mod Podge and decoupaged the picture to the page. First time I've done this process - fun!

I have plans to decorate this page more, but for now I love that I've taken the bold step of permanently adhering my beloved photo to something. I'm just keeping it on my desk and staring at it until she tells me what to do next!

My heart just started racing again as thoughts of DMB, a cruise, and the sound of ocean waves just crossed my mind. And the kids are apparently "STARVING". Until tomorrow morning....

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