Quick Post - Would LOVE your Positive Vibes!

AUGHH!! I am SO SO Excited! It is so hard to sit and type.

I was just caller # 9 to a local radio station (i.e. the winning caller). I am now registered - alongside 9 other people who will be registered today - in a drawing to take place tomorrow morning.

The prize?

A Royal Caribbean 3-day cruise to a private Caribbean island for a PRIVATE DAVE MATTHEWS BAND CONCERT!!

I have the chills EVERY time I think of it.

See info on WTTS's website here.

I fully believe in positive energy. While I don't want any negative energy going towards the other 9 individuals who will win today, I don't think it'll hurt for an abudance of positive vibes my way!

So if you have any to spare, I'd really appreciate a few winning thoughts sent my way. BLESS YOU!

(I'll blog more tonight once I can type better.) :)

Lisa Wilson2 Comments