Whaddya Know - It Can Be Fun!

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This is me after my walk/jog/run this morning. I felt sooooooo good.
I did interval training - walk 2 min., jog 2 min. (uphill), walk 2 min., jog 5 min., walk 2 min., jog 5 min. (partly uphill), walk 2 min., jog 3 min. (2 min. uphill)., walk 1 min., run 2 min., walk 2 min., run 1 min., walk 1 min. = 30 minutes total.
I'm proud I made it 30 minutes (I had a lot to do and kept trying to talk myself out of it.)
I'm proud that every single step was another decision to make (walk or run? head towards home or keep going?) and for each decision, I chose the healthy, "pushing it" one.
I'm proud that I still ran (jogged - not really full out running) uphill when my watch said it was time to run...instead of walking to the top of the hill and then running.
I'm just thrilled that working out can feel this good.
What I did:
(a.m.) Walk/jog/run - 30 min. (I don't know the total distance.) (I left our neighborhood to try and get at least a little more level ground)
What I learned:
*Working out / training can feel AMAZING. It is this that is making the journey fun and helps me keep going towards the goal.
*Running on an open road can really make one feel naked. With drivers whizzing past, watching you from both behind and in front, for whatever reason I feel quite vulnerable. I joked with Chris (and he admitted doing something similar) that I used the watch as my excuse: I'd always make sure to glance at it before stopping jogging. That way it appeared I was doing it on purpose (as I was) instead of just exhausted and about to hurl (which I was too).
*Blogging while one's daughter is screaming is quite difficult.

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