A Run-Day Sunday

Short note about yesterday:

Chris & I both stayed up in Indy and were able to get a walk/run in Sunday morning. We're on a little bit of different training schedules but had fun "running" into one another through the neighborhood. We got to run on level ground which makes a TON of difference. I still did interval training (I don't want to push my body too hard at this point) but had a MUCH easier time running.

It was even (lightly) raining that morning! I'm proud of both of us for getting out. Because I'd forgotten my Ipod, I ran with no music (which was more difficult), on level ground (which was way easier), and in tune with the rain (which was blissful).

This is us, quite happy after our outing (note the wet shirts from the rain!):

(And yes, it is another sign of me letting go that I'd post such a picture of myself. I may not look that good on the outside after a rough workout, but oooh my did I feel good on the inside.)

I'm quite proud of my hubby.

Today we are off to the YMCA to find out why they haven't called us about our private swim lessons for which we signed up (and paid)! After 2 days of running I'm letting my body rest this morning - possibly doing upper body weight training this afternoon. Bikes or swimming tomorrow....yea!

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