Happy Fall

Intention: Sharing a lovely evening with friends on the grounds of the Indianapolis Art Center (celebrating the Autumn Equinox), remaining centered with my own body, quieting my mind.

Goal: 108 Sun Salutations.

What Happened: Approximately 54 Sun Salutations completed, impossibly good weather (gentle breeze, sun setting, couple of thunder rolls, no rain. Beautiful dinner after. Had to stop salutations & meditate because of a strange pressure in my head (didn't seem like sinuses) that kept getting worse.

Also had a lovely day with Chris & Dilana - he walked/ran 2 miles with Dilana in the jogging stroller - I biked ~5.4 miles - all on the Clear Creek Trail.

Stunning, but I'll have to describe more tomorrow. I am EXTREMELY sore and exhausted.

Happy Fall.

Lisa WilsonComment