Committment To Blogging

It's late. Yet I want to keep the committment to blog.

Amazing thoughts right now - yet I feel like I need to sit with them, be with them to let them fully develop.

I don't think I ever thought I'd have a day like this:

Drop my son off at the bus stop. Take my daughter in her jogging stroller from the bus stop, walk/run 25 minutes. (I ran for 10 min straight today - an accomplishment for me!) Take a very quick 15 minutes to get ready. Take my daughter to Kindermusik.

Come home, switch laundry, go out to eat with my husband (who is on vacation) & my daughter. Come home for a nap. (Don't sleep because my daughter won't). Spend an hour working on the art journal while hubby cooks brinner (breakfast food for dinner). Eat with our son & daughter at our dining table while the rain falls gently outside. Decide I should go to PTO meeting. Leave right after dinner for meeting. Glad I went.

Come home again, watch a few shows, blog.

Hopefully sleep soon.

Lisa WilsonComment