Get A Little Uncomfortable

Perhaps it is the fall weather, but I am really tapping into some amazing energy recently. Thoughts galore are swirling around &, like being in one of those cool boxes where they turn on the air & the money all swirls around you, I'm trying to grab all I can.

One I'm running with is comfort. So many things are designed to make us comfortable - physically & mentally. We all strive for it (just the right temperature, tasty if even not-so-healthy foods, finding the closest parking spot, etc., etc.). When something interferes with our comfort we get frustrated or even angry.

What if we embraced being uncomfortable?

One thing I've pondered: It seems the more we allow ourselves to explore what is uncomfortable (new foods, back roads, fears of failing, ...) the more the uncomfortable becomes comfortable. It's kind of like moving or starting a new job. The more we stick with it & explore our new surroundings, the more comfortable it becomes.

Suddenly, even though fear may still be there, the sensation of fear itself becomes comfortable and the possibilities for exploration are endless.

If we stick with only what is comfortable & known we greatly limit ourselves in what we can experience during our lifetimes. By even taking one step outside of our comfort zone and sticking with it, we increase our comfort circles just an itsy-bit more. It is exciting to even think about it!

I challenge you to pick one thing this weekend that is even a tad uncomfortable. Start small, start private if you'd like. Run a bit futher than you normally would. Visit that museum that you've wanted to visit but feel odd going to. Eat something you wouldn't otherwise. Smile at someone that you would otherwise ignore. Create something even though you don't consider yourself creative. Play. Laugh. Live...if just a little.

Let me know what you find.

Lisa Wilson4 Comments