Wheeeee! Oh my - it is quite amazing to forget about the energy that is life and then discover it again. I have so many delicious thoughts I want to share but blogging, like everything else, has to blend in with what is. I hope to take advantage of li'l girl's nap time to share some deep thoughts but am anxious to share the basics right now.

First, this morning is quite the example of blending. We've decided that it is time that Dilana is potty trained. We waited far too long with our eldest. We eventually tried the all-or-nothing approach with him...and it worked! So today I throw caution & clean floors to the wind and am letting Dilana run around au naturel. The theory is that she'll feel the discomfort if/when she goes & will learn to run to the potty the next time. It's a bit messy but it worked the first time around!

It definitely forces me to re-arrange my schedule. Today is a weight/superset day (in home) which makes it a bit easier. We're carrying her princess potty-top all around the house & have already been through around 133 false runs. Hey, even 1 real success will make it worth it.

So much creativity & totally funky energy bursts I want to share! *sigh* For now, here's an update on the training:

What I Did:

*(Saturday a.m.) (level ground) Walk 2 minutes, Run 5 minutes.... (see follow up in What I Learned)

*(Sunday a.m.) (hills & level ground) Amazing 34 minute walk/jog/run. Did sets of 6 minute runs with 90 second walks in between. Finished with a very strong 1 minute sprint.

*(Monday a.m.) Superset with weights. I vary this so I don't get bored but often follow this great one at the Women's Health Magazine site.

What I Learned:

*(Saturday a.m.) I need to eat in the mornings before I workout. Fortunately Chris was with me that morning. We're on different training schedules so I started my run before he did. Around 5 minutes into the run, my heart started feeling like an over-inflated water balloon that was about to pop & those little black dots started dancing before my eyes. I slowed & eventually stopped to turn around and start heading towards Chris. I was sitting down by the time he got to me. It all turned out with a happy ending but I will certainly remember this for next time. Makes me kinda nervous about the morning of the actual triathlon.

*(Sunday a.m.) Chris discovered a nearly 3-mile path that we can take by our house that keeps us on fairly level ground (once we are out of our neighborhood). It takes us along a busier road for a short bit. No biggie...I've also learned I'm getting a lot less self-conscious about my running. I think I'm actually starting to think of myself as a runner (more on this lovely insight later!!) which makes me not care what someone else driving past is thinking.

*(Monday a.m.) This whole potty training thing is tiring. Since I've started typing this, we've had 5 wait, now 6....more false alarms. I guess at least she's telling me.

Thank you SO SO much to all those who are leaving comments on the blog - you honestly make my day!!

Here's to more this afternoon (I hope)!!

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