There is something both exciting & challenging about having a very flexible schedule. My days rarely turn out like they are planned.

I’d hoped to have time to blog about my deep thoughts & recent creative endeavors this afternoon. Instead, I journaled, cleaned up the floor, dealt with fights and unpaid bills, prepared dinner, and listened to the family jamming away on guitars & drums. Overall a good day.

(Non parents be warned: Only parenthood increases the cuteness factor of this. Otherwise it’s kinda icky.)

Dilana did make it to the potty 2 out of about 6 times today! She’s back in her diaper for the night and for another attempt tomorrow.

(After 15 or so “I have to go potty”s with no results in 5 minutes, I let her venture to the bathroom on her own. This is her version of going to the potty.)

(Dilana’s excitement after a successful trip)

I am still amazed at what makes the kids argue. Today, it was over which cup they would get once Tyler got off the bus. (Both held the exact same drink.) I held them behind my back & had Tyler pick a hand. He picked the cup he didn’t want. This led to both kids screaming all the way back home. (I took photos but am not surprised by phone isn’t working to be able to email them to myself.)

We did have a fun time tonight while I was trying to catch up on emails. The kids & Chris each chose and instrument & jammed away.

Another successful day. I feel so fortunate to have this life … messes & all.

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