Think About It.

Time for a li'l depth here. Kiddos are in bed so let's see if I can make it through this!

A lot of deep thoughts have been building one on top of the other recently. Leave it to beautiful fall to bring about deep thinking! Here's something to ponder.

a) Down to the teensiest, tiniest bit of matter that scientists can study, everything is made up of pure energy. Not solid stuff like we imagine we see & feel each day, but vibrating energy. A fun way to be introduced to this concept is through the film, What The Bleep Do We Know. (Controversial film but a great thought-provoker.) There are countless other resources (feel free to leave a comment or email me if you'd like to know more). Based off everything we know & feel through all forms of truth searching (religion & science), everything is vibratory energy. (What we call it & where we feel it came from is a whole other life-long topic.) Ok with that?

b) Energy is flexible & malleable. (Malleable: adj. 2 a : capable of being altered or controlled by outside forces or influences b : having a capacity for adaptive change) It can be played with, moved around, squished & stretched, quickened & slowed.
b1) If you want to get really freaked out, do a quick glance into quantum physics. Here's a 10 minute You Tube video of clips from the above movie. Suddenly time & space have little's weird. I warned you.

c) If thoughts are energy & our body is energy & our environment is energy, each of these things can play around with the other. Each of these things is flexible & malleable. Independently we accept this on a daily basis - sure, my thoughts change all the time. Yep, this aging body is changing quicker than I want it too. The environment is changing all around me - just look at this idiot speeding past me in his car!

But what about the interplay between each of these? The green movement is trying hard to show our body's impact on the natural environment. Recent pop trends have played up the effect of thoughts on our body or environment. (The Secret, anyone?)

Let's just narrow it down to one direction to keep things simple. Our thoughts influence our bodies influence our actions influence our being influences our environment influences the flow of our world. WHEE!

I am only one of millions who have explored this concept throughout time. Yet I am ONE. One of my simple little thoughts can turn into a flurry of actions that could potentially influence the world. (Butterfly Effect)

d) If we can accept all of the above as truth (if only while reading this blog), let's take it one step further. If everything is energy - vibrating, moving, bouncing, playing - what is the distinction between one form of energy & another? Its shape? The speed at which it moves?

But if energy is malleable, can't one form of energy turn into another? (Like with water...if we slow it down, it freezes & turns into ice...if we heat it up, it speeds up & turns into vapor)

And if energy is interchangeable, aren't all things in theory, one? Call it energy, consciousness, illusion, God, Goddess, whatever...but this vibrating, pulsating, playful energy that comprises everything we know is what we are made of, what our thoughts are made of, what the plant we eat is made of, what the person we hate is made of, what our mother is made of, & what Pluto is made of. (Poor Pluto.)

p.s. YOGA delves into all of this...if you only know it as poses, definitely look into it more - as a yoga teacher, I'd be happy to walk the journey with you!

OK. You have either stopped reading, skimmed ahead to this part, or are wondering - so?!

Here's the fun part. This isn't just theory that we can ponder & then forget in the shower tomorrow morning. It is potentially life-changing. Or not. Or maybe....just maybe....

What IF your thoughts - the ones about the kids while they are fighting, about how your creative work isn't good enough, the guilt about exercising or how you feel about your body - were creating your reality? What if you decided you ARE an artist or a runner or a beautiful person or a serene parent? Could that bouncy, feel-good energy really make a difference in what you see, feel, & experience all around you? Could it really be that easy (or that difficult)?

I dunno.

But I challenge you to Think About It.

Lisa WilsonComment