Can A Person Be Too Blessed?

Sometimes, I just feel overly lucky. This morning was one of those mornings.

I did hit the snooze a few times, but when I woke I did so with a slight spring in my step. (That never happens.) I woke my son and got him started on breakfast then went out and did some yoga out on our back deck. It wasn't a long practice, but it was exactly what I needed. Every step after felt blissful.

It lightly rained on our walk to the bus stop this morning but the sun was also peeking through the fluffy clouds. It was enough to make me giggle. We even tried to taste the rain.

Tyler is off to school, Dilana is at Kindermusik, and I am at Starbucks with my iced chai blogging and working on the to-do list for our busy weekend with family.

Seriously, am I not one lucky and very blessed girl?

Lisa WilsonComment