Few Things To Check Out...

There is nothing better than the feeling of community - feeling like you belong, like there are others out there who share your values.

I was recently contacted by David at Inspire Designs (http://www.inspiredesignsonline.com/) and am already anxious to purchase a "Calm Your Thoughts" shirt! Check out some of the stories people have shared on their website. Their motto? "The simplest of things can make a difference in someone's life." How true. If only we could remember that the simple acts we make each day have an influence on our own lives as well as others. (Remember that Energy!!)

I also want to point out the blogs that are down there on your left...that list of blogs that I follow as well. There are some AMAZING people out there doing life-changing things, one day at a time.

Keep in mind, we are all REAL people doing real things in this world. When you turn off your computer, we are still here. Each person reading this has the opportunity to live as deeply, kindly, juicy, & joyfully as those who exude life through their blogs.

Check out the links, get inspired, and GO LIVE!!

Lisa WilsonComment