This is what committment looks like.

I don't know about you, but a (massive) financial output is a tremendous motivator to stick with something. We outfitted ourselves today after a four hour (!) visit to the Bicycle Garage in Indy. (By the way - for anyone local and looking to do anything with cycling, I would HIGHLY recommend the Bicycle Garage. At both locations we received excellent service - and they don't work on commission!)

Chris & I both now have beautiful bikes and all the accoutrements to go with them. I will say I am already praising the sales person at BGI for recommending good bike shorts. I literally rode up and down our street to try out the new bike with my regular shorts on and .... let's just say it eliminated any chance of serious intimacy tonight. An hour or so later, I donned my bike shorts, helmet, and gloves...and thoroughly thrilled myself with a 21 min. bike ride up and down several hills throughout our neighborhood. (My li'l bike computer said I went a total of 3.5 miles, but it certainly didn't feel that far.)

Lest anyone think that my life and this blog is all triathlon now, please be assured that other aspects will start to reappear once the training finds a habitual path. I will continue to update on my progress for those interested and just to keep myself accountable. I don't know what format it will take, but here's a shot at one way:

What I Did:

(a.m.) approx. 10 minutes yoga outside in heavy fog & under a beautiful moon

15 minutes superset (weights, lunges, etc w/o resting to increase cardio)

25 minutes elliptical

(p.m.) 21 min. bike ride - 3.5 mi.

What I Learned:

(Ok - I'm totally putting my ego in the closet here. I am going bare bones and admitting any and all ignorances because I'm guessing/hoping someone else out there reading this didn't know the same things...and will hopefully feel more comfortable knowing there's someone else out there just as ignorant! What's the quote: something like, "there's no shame in not knowing. the only shame lies in not finding out.")

  • There is a huge difference in bikes. Fit (i.e. how the bike fits you) is one of the key components. We ended up with road bikes instead of hybrid, but there are so many choices and it is ultimately a very personal decision. (Our bikes are the brand Giant - Lisa's is the Avail, Chris's is the Defy)

  • Grown up bikes don't have kick stands. Who knew?! (Ok, don't tell me if you did.)

  • Road bike seats can H-U-R-T some very girly parts that don't by any measure deserve pain. Bike shorts not only make you look professional, but they are worn for a reason. If you invest in a bike, invest in your reproductive future (& cover your butt) & get a good pair.

  • Hills suck. Honestly, though, I'm glad to have the training opportunity right off the bat, but I'm still learning the gears, switching them, and how to best navigate up the hill without looking like I'm drunk and down the hill without looking and feeling like I'm about ready to take off. Scary (and embarassing) both ways.

  • There is something fun about a helmet, gloves, & bike shorts that seem to excuse any minor faux pas. However, I'm still overly-concerned about how I look...and will work on getting over this. At the top of one rather large hill as a car approached behind me (and I knew there was no way I was going to make it to the top), I just stopped for a moment and pretended to be surveying the house to my right. Yeah, pathetic. Admit it, would've done the same thing.

  • Steering is harder than it looks on a bicycle. I have a lot to learn before I head out on roads where cars aren't necessarily watching for me.

Ok ... there's a lot more, but the kids are begging to watch Simpsons before bed. If we have time (the swimming gear we got didn't fit me so we're back to Dicks Sporting Goods once again to find a long-hair swimming cap and different goggles), we're going to try and brave the pool tomorrow. Wish us luck.

(I promise I'll try to throw in a few creative endeavors made of my poor art supplies tomorrow!)

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