Still Here.

Oh dear - almost missed a day! We've been so busy today surfing the traithlon energy wave that I've been AWOL from the computer.

Such an interesting life path this is. I've received a lot of encouragement and positive energy from friends and family for this huge decision I (and hubby) have made. It is bringing hubby & I closer as we challenge each other to pursue healthy lives. And yet, as always, life goes on.

I still have my creative pursuits, sitting silently in the basement, waiting for me again to bring life to their beautiful form. The kiddos still grow more each day with stories from school or new excitements (Dilana was thrilled today when we explored the YMCA pool area!). And the laundry still piles up, getting tackled one load at a time.

It is great fun having so many energy paths to ride, from triathlon planning to yogic growth to creative exploration to motherhood...I know the cycle of life will bring me back to financial woes, stress over household chores, physical complications as I push my nearly 32-year old body. But baby, I'm going to keep right on searching for the life in it all and lovin' the ride.

Lisa WilsonComment