The Presen(ts)/(ce) of Snow

I've been a busy mommy the past few days, thus, a fairly absent blogger. A snow storm (and cold chill) has hit the Midwest...which led to school being cancelled both Thursday and Friday. It's been a great exploration of Family minus scheduled activities.

Bless my hubby - on the first day, I just wasn't in the mood to be in the snow despite the excitement and begging from our 5 year old (and the 2 year old who just did it because her brother was). I repeatedly came up with excuses/reasons why we couldn't go out. (Yup, mother of the year here.) After hubby arrived home from work, he took our son out for some chillin' with daddy time.

(Of note: The first snow angel my son did was face down. He quickly learned face up was way more fun.)

Part of the reason I didn't want to go out (beyond my selfish ones) was the lack of snow gear we had for the kids. The temporary solution?

We all enjoyed some hot chocolate after the fun-but-brief romp outside. I let Tyler add his own marshmallows.

(I think his cocoa ended up being more marshmallow than actual liquid.)

Friday was a more peaceful day. I spent a good half an hour sitting at our front window, staring out at a bush in our front yard. At any given time, there were probably 10 birds that were using it for shelter...and I was truly entranced by the messages we shared.

(How many birds can you find?)

This little fellow has visited us many times throughout the year. I think that day we were both enjoying just observing the world around us.

Today we ventured out and purchased boots for both kids. They were THRILLED. (Way better than plastic bags.)

Unfortunately, the temperature has also dropped today. I took the kids out for a brief bit. Dilana learned quickly from her brother how to make a snowball - and fervently tried to keep up with him.

Within 5 minutes, teeth were chattering and it was time to head in.

A brief post about a few days filled with memories...I almost wish this weekend wouldn't end. And yet, in these peaceful late night hours...I find myself wishing for nothing at all.

Gratitude for what is.

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