Moving On and Creating For ...?

A moment of peace:

Take a breath.

I've spent the past few days crafting and creating, running & contemplating, cleaning & snuggling with the kiddos. It's been such a joy. That quake of energy I was describing before? It is totally still going...and making life one interesting moment after another.

After such deep posts, I did find the "aha"! that sitting with the fire and all of that discomfort inevitably brings. But that, dear friends, is a seed that needs time to sprout before I share it with the world! How excited I am for it to grow...

In my creating (with fabric, paints, stamps, papers, photography & digital manipulation, etc.), I always seem to get stuck if I don't have a "reason". Usually that reason means I'm making something for someone else...which is a great reason! The past few days have been dedicated solely to that - creating for someone who dearly deserves it. The process alone has been THRILLING - I've pushed myself in my limits of what I usually do, learned new techniques along the way, and have oodles of ideas for further projects.

My stumbling block now is finding a new reason. Or perhaps I should say, my obstacle is giving myself permission to make ME the reason. To find myself in the moment of decision (do I fold laundry? watch t.v.? pay bills? craft?) and have enough strength to know what is good for me and my family. (Hint: It's keeping myself organized, sane, and happy. Creating does all of those.)

It really is the small things, too, that make a difference - that give me a sense of accomplishment. Like this, my first ever button hole (a successful practice attempt on a scrap piece of fabric):

It may be a small thing, but I feel like a world of possibilities are opened now that I know how to use my sewing machine to make a tiny little button hole!

Ah, and the sensual nature of creating...I finally bought some linen the other day (ok, linen-like fabric. It was half the price.). Combined with a silky fabric and embroidery threads? Delicious.

(In case you are interested, there is a great tutorial on how to embroider flowers here and a very basic and easy-to-follow guide to creating a linen drawstring bag here (By Gretel at

Nothing too deep...I think the past few posts have bubbled over the thinking-point. Here's to all that depth and the path it has pushed me in...and maintaining the energy and awareness to stay with it!

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